Liège Waffles
The one and only Liège Waffle   $6.99
with powdered sugar

Fruity Liège Waffle   $8.95   
seasonal fruit & whipped cream
(with the choice to add chocolate chips)

Chunky Monkey Liège Waffle   $8.95
with Nutella, bananas, and powdered sugar

Savory Liège Waffle   $9.95    
sunny side up egg on top, with bacon, and real maple syrup

Get it Fried at Cloud 9 Liège Waffle   $15.95
stacked fried chicken, waffles, and cheese sauce

Bananas Foster Liège Waffle   $9.95   
topped with bananas cooked in a rum sauce with brown sugar, and home made whipped cream

Autumn Spice Liège Waffle   $9.95
with apples dusted in cinnamon,
havarti cheese, + real maple syrup

Croque Monsieur/Madame Waffle   $11.95
The best ever grilled ham & cheese.
If you’re a lady, madame, you get an egg.
Sweet, Savory & in-Between,
create your own with add-ons:

chocolate chips   75¢

Nutella   75¢
chocolate sauce   75¢
maple syrup   75¢
egg   $1.99
bacon   $1.99
canadian bacon   $1.99

​seasonal fresh fruit   $1.99
brie, gruyere, or cheddar cheeses   $1.00
Made by following a traditional Belgian recipe, liège waffles are rich and intense; stretchy, layered, and faintly crunchy within from embedded pearls of sugar; firm on the outside, from that same sugar melted and trickling about the waffle iron’s grids to form a caramelized shell. It’s not the kind of thing you can have a single bite of and forget. At their core, they’re an extra-buttery brioche dough given a luxurious rise. Compliment your liège waffles with all kinds of toppings, savory and sweet.