Soups, Salads, and Such
Cloud 9 Power Green Salad     $9.99
mixed greens, shredded carrots,
and pumpkin seeds

Small House Salad     $6.95
mixed greens, cucumber, tomato, cheddar cheese, and homemade croutons

Choose from balsamic vinaigrette, 
or green onion and dill ranch dressings


BLT + A     $8.95
bacon, lettuce, tomato, and avocado

Grilled Cheese     $8.95
gruyere cheese between slices of multigrain bread, grilled to perfection

Italian Sandwich     $8.95
olive salad, ham, salami and cheese,
on ciabatta bread

Frenchmen in a Bathtub     $11.95
roast beef, brie cheese, and au jus for dipping
The Daily Quiche     $8.99
savoury, open pastry crust. Served with choice of side salad or mixed fruit.
French Onion Soup   $6.95​​​
with bread and melted cheese over the top
Andouille Sausage + Chicken Gumbo  $8.95

Mac and Cheese     $5.95
Home-made French Fries     $3.99
Cloud 9 Fries (with house cheese sauce, bacon and green onions)     $8.95

Mexican Cokes (sweetened with cane sugar instead of high-fructose corn syrup for a better flavor)   $2.99
milk   $2.99   ·   chocolate milk   $3.49
orange juice   $3.75   ·   apple juice   $2.99
cranberry juice   $2.99
iced tea (sweet or unsweet)   $3.49
assorted soft drinks/bottled water   $2.75